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How do you Read ?

Reading is always considered good and looked in a respectful manner than any other media content that you have.Taking the example you read newspaper.

People tends to give more importance to reading newspapers while just changing channels on television and watching news or listening on Radio.
This post will take you from mostly reading habits to some philosophy on ‘How do you Read‘ type of genre which some might find interesting to read.I am asking your habit on how you read and what is the most productive methods you use to make the most of the reading process you are employing to make the most of what you are reading.

Weather its primary school subject,high school subjects or college subjects,the actual thing we know is every subject is needed to be read in some different way to make the most of it and make the most of the subject.

To read every subject to get the good marks is not the only reason people read each subject.
Some read only for marks,Some reads for knowledge and marks and Some for knowledge only.I consider the people who read for marks plus knowledge are the best ones but I fall under the last category where I read only to gain knowledge and by default I get good marks sometimes and sometimes average.
Looking strange but true.By us this website has come by chance ,we don’t have any good motive behind making it but we started to blog and after that converted this blog to website.So here we have converted out reading skills to make the websiteand which took or skills to a higher levels.

Your reading habits differs and which defines your nature,which defines you and believe me its accurate.Your reading habits decided the choices you make in life,it makes you to show your caliber more than other in a correct way.

Please do leave comment with what you do to make the things simple and ‘How do your Read‘ to get the maximum out of the subjects or topics you are reading for.Any one can comment and you should give some tips to read and make the things simple for other those who are having problem in reading and converting reading to some productive thing.

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