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How to become pro in Reading Comprehension

This Article is about How to become pro in Reading Comprehension. Imagine you are facing a competitive exam where almost every topper knows how to solve quantitative logical, puzzles and all then What creates difference ? Its RC section which creates the real difference in whole competition. Many Good ones also don’t finds Reading Comprehension really difficult.If RC comes out in exam is easy they don’t get time to read whole passage and solve the 4-5 linked questions which would cost about 20-30 minutes. So, here are some of the tips that will help you to master the Art of solving this RC section and become a pro.

What difference Reading Comprehension can make to your final score ?
We are providing some of the useful tips that you can use in practicing and making the task easier and enjoyable. These tips can help you to secure more marks in RC section than any other which certainly makes difference in your overall marking and boost your total score in the competition. You can see our other posts here How to Read.

Time Constraint with Reading Comprehension ?
Look you have about 90 minutes and you have to solve the paper plus you are devoting about 20-30 minutes in RC then your whole weight age comes like 20/5 = 4 minutes i.e. you are devoting a minimum of 4 minutes and at most if you don’t got the passage this could go up. So what to do in such a situation, how to manage time, how to solve these type of questions.

How to practice before exam
1. Practice -
RC needs practice, so hold on and keep practicing more and more. We are also giving you about 1000 RC for practice so you can practice from these standard RC examples. You can download about 1000 Reading comprehension from this link 1000 Reading Comprehension Download.

2. Read A lot -
Reading is very important if you want to master this whole topic and when you read you will develop a skill of analyzing and framing the sentences by itself and when your mind becomes use to it will generate a theme inside your mind about passage. Reading could be made good, by reading Newspaper Editorials and News as these covers almost all the latest happening and current events which could be helpful in group discussions also which are part of some exams.

3. Solve RC on Different topics -
For this we are providing a lot of topics in our file which you can download from below. This habit of making your mind use to the situation and make you ready to handle the tone, way, mood, accent, theme and some key features from that passage.

4. Understand the passage -
In home while practicing first of all you must give emphasis on understanding the passage and after that only attempt the questions. Because this will develop a habit of reading.

5. Avoid Disturbing Elements -
Avoid Disturbing agents like mobile, music,games, social networking, chatting during practice as these can distort your concentration and you will never find your self comfortable in this section.

How to face RC during the exam
Test time and this time, the two are very different. In exam time the situation is likely unfavorable to us and we are away from our comfort zone. Those who handles this situation gets good rank and are known as good. Almost all are same, but this is the only thing which create a difference. So, how to handle this RC section during exam time. Some points which will certainly help in Reading Comprehension Section.

1. Keep calm, while attempting a Reading Comprehension
Keeping calm and composed during a crunch situation is all its needed to excel through it with winning the situation. So keep calm while attempting questions in this section and you will surely be having the courage to face the situation.

2. Solve RC first or in Middle but not at the End
Coming back to the RC section. It is advisable not to solve the RC at the end as the time appears to always run fast at the end and you will make mistakes more than you gain marks and it will fetch you negative marks more so its advisable to avoid doing RC at the end. Do other sections like Quantitative.

3. Read the First and Last of Reading Comprehension
To get most of the passages read the first and the last paragraphs because these contain the introductions and the tone of the RC so this in most of the cases will fetch you 1-2 questions.

4. Underlining important point in Reading Comprehension
Do underlining while reading through the passage as this marks some important points and can improve your grasp on passage.

5. Take calculated Risk
Take some calculated guesses because sometimes time don’t allow us to read whole content and then answer the questions. Taking small risk will most of the times boost your score by say 5 marks can leads you to a higher ranks by thousands of candidates. Take an example – If the exam is of 50 question attempt about 5 questions as guess which will certainly help you.

These are some of the point which will help you while preparing and attempting Reading Comprehension which will increase your overall efficiency. You can download about 1000 Reading comprehension from this link 1000 Reading Comprehension Download.

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