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How to Choose Right Magazine for IAS Prelims - How to read for Competitive Exams

Imagine you have IAS Prelims examination coming and you want  to buy  magazine that is good to read and must cover current topics current affairs,happenings and things related to wold and the all local news.In this post I will not say about the company name or the brand as this site is not intended to promote anything but surely some big name will be always their to make this post complete.
If you are interested in last months study tips for IAS Prelims see this post ‘IAS Preparation to Get through IAS 2013 PRELIMS in 1 Month‘.
Choosing  a magazine is always a difficult task as when you see the magazines each one is packed with good content and the graphics is also a high quality so as to compete to sell the magazines.To a magazine is difficult but to decide which one to buy is much more difficult task.How to decide what to buy.You have no clue what to buy.

Weather its the price,weather its the content,assuming that you have gone to a shop buy a magazine you will see see dozens of magazines.So here we are giving some golden tips which will certainly make your work easier and simple and make you choose the best magazine in market for every competitive exams including banks,bank PO(Probationary Officer),clerical or any big exam like civil service IAS. But out main focus in this post is given to
 IAS Prelims as its coming on the way:

1.Use Google:Take  a breath as IAS is a big name so when you will search for magazine on Google you will find some good names.Try to have  a look and write top 5 names and then make selection buy going to shop.As it will reduce the time to select the top 5 ones,Google already did this for you.Now you a have to make your decision between these top 5 ones you have now.Type phrases like
 top 5 magazines for IAS like that this will show exact results.Famous ones are always at the top  and you will get authentic martial from famous ones,I mean you will get good information and content you can rely on.
2.Ask the Shopkeeper:Shopkeeper know more as they sell books.Some shopkeepers I met are really good at their work and always have good incite that which book and magazines are good to buy. Although they don’t known the content quality but you can agree that if people are liking the book or magazine it is obvious that the magazine would be nice.Also they are also aspirants so they are also intelligent ones.This method well works,because when you go to shop you don’t know every book.

3.Ask Elders and Friends:Ask Elder as for IAS they are more knowledgeable towards these kind of civil services examinations and always tell you some premium books which will lead you to success.Also try to contact your friends appearing for the same as this is crucial and you can ask everyone.If they don’t know tell them your opinion they will also research on it to find best one out in the market.

4.Use Demo:Read Some pages as Ebook edition and then buy.Many magazines have their sites which are having the e-edition of the magazines free
 and which makes easier to analyse the magazine and then you can buy it.Try to avoid reading from computer as this will distract you from achieving your ultimate goal.

5.Buy not more than two:As the time is short,avoid buying more than two magazines.Two magazines are sufficient and good to buy and always make you feel that your aim to read only two magazines.If you buy 10-20 magazines you are making a mistake as keep magazines is different and reading is different.Its better to read one then keeping 10 on the table just sleeping.

Usually newspaper shops are the ones who keeps the magazines.They always know better so try contacting them and they will also give right magazine at this crucial time.Reading huge graphic oriented magazines makes no sense so avoid distracted by built of magazines.

I have written this post a bit late exam is very close but just some points can change the whole preparation you are doing to score well over other. Some topics can come in these last time published magazines as study material for IAS Prelims so try to buy them.

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  1. Thanks for these ideas. I am agree with your last tips. Buying more than one book of the same topic creates ambiguity and confuse the students. Though the things may be same, the quality, writing and many other things are always different from each other. Also I liked the idea of reading from books rather than using computers. I have experienced how much distracting these computers are. If you open one site, the advertisement on the site will attract you to open them and you would be involved in some unnecessary activities.
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