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How to Prepare for Reasoning

Almost all the Examinations have Reasoning part but How to Prepare for Reasoning is a really big Question. Lot of exams these days include reasoning. All the big company’s placement papers include a reasoning section. Apart from that you will get a must Reasoning Section in all the Bank Exams. In government and semi government sectors Reasoning becomes really important. Like in Banks, SSC, LIC all the exams comes packed with reasoning. How to Prepare for reasoning is a big Question.

Why Now its Important to Prepare for Reasoning

Now Civil Services and State Public Service Commissions are also having an Aptitude Paper they call it as CSAT (Civil Service Aptitude Test) in preliminary examination which include some reasoning questions. So, if you are looking to score more than you need to have a good grip in this section and to do so you need to know How to Prepare for Reasoning.

We have listed some of the tips that will always help you for many topics including the reasoning part also and tell you exactly How to Prepare for Reasoning Test :

Prepare for Reasoning· Before Exam
1. Tricks : Make some shortcuts, I name these short cuts as tricks and you can use these tricks to solve the questions. This will save your time and improve your skills. These can make a big difference. So, first point is you always try to find some shortcut. People will say not to use but after all your performance matters and performance comes with marks.

2. Practice : Practice plays an important role when it comes to reasoning. One person can solve a Question in 2-3 minute or even less while other can take 8-10 minutes. You can see difference of about 5-6 minutes in every question, which is more than enough to leave you behind in competition. This difference is because of the practice. So in reasoning the more you practice the more you will become close to attempting the questions in mentioned time of 2-3 minutes.

3. Solving : You must know how to solve questions of particular type. Taking example if you get a question on
addition, you must know how to add. Never try to guess. If a situation arising where your are not able to pick the type of question then you are not ready and you need some more practice.

· During Exam
1. Confusions : Never take confusions in any question. If question is confusing you, you need to read it again to pick some important things so, that you can try further.

2. Small Details : Never go fast. Going fast sometimes leave small details and which needs to be picked in solving questions. Every detail is important to solve the question. Every detail is given for a particular purpose so, never leave any detail and best way is to note them down.

3. Clock : You get questions that you know and if more time is given you can solve them but the main constraint is time, which is limited. To improve on time pick a clock or mobile phone so that you can see time in it, Refer different booklets or practice books and solve as many questions as you can in a given time limit. It will never come overnight. This will improve with practicing days or some times months but its worth it. When you Prepare for Reasoning than you must consider this option always.

Prepare for Reasoning (Beating Clock Strategy)
Always try to beat you own best time. Like if you can solve 5 questions in 30 minutes. Next time you can pick any 6 Question and see if you have made some improvement or not. Practice regularly for best results. This will always help you while you Prepare for Reasoning or any other exams too. These are some of the tips that will certainly benefit you and help in How to Prepare for Reasoning.

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  1. In every competitive exam apart from their subject pattern English, Aptitude, Reasoning, computer skill and General Knowledge are the compulsory subject. Generally reasoning part will increase your mental ability. To check the activeness of your brain or you can say the sharpness of your brain the competitive exam give the reasoning part? You should follow some tricks so that you can quickly answer the question. Reasoning books are available; also from internet you can see the tricks and do the regular practice so that you can solve the question within fraction of second.
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