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How to Read Engineering Drawing

This article is about How to Read Engineering Drawing. When ever you will ask Engineering Student, Engineering Drawing is by far one of the toughest subjects to face by any Engineering Student. Students generally don’t know the way of How to read Engineering Drawing that is why they get less or many times fails in ED Paper. Why Engineering Drawing is Tough and How to Read ?

To Read Engineering Drawing is not at all tough, it’s the mindset of people who makes it tougher and tougher.

1. Different than other subjects : The reason, Why Engineering Drawing subject looks tough, is because it’s a different kind of subject and differ a lot from most of the subjects in Engineering. Also this subject is not same like others where we can at least make our own answers and write, in this contrast when you don’t know anything in Engineering Drawing its most probable that you will not know what to do and eventually you fail.

2. Lack of Interest : This subject is also difficult because not every one love to draw and your interest seems lacking in this subject. People choose Engineering and choose B. E/B. Tech and without Architecture so people already have less interest in Engineering Drawing.

3. Equipment Use and Wasting Time: Unlike any other subjects where we use pen, pencil, scale etc in Engineering Drawing we use dozens of things like pencil types (HB, B, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H etc many more), Roller Scale, Drafter, and other high-end equipment, some we even don’t know the name and then also we use them. What happens than is we lose our time by changing things and which is just not similar to other subject. Some people just lose the way and generates a misconception that ED is tough to face.

4. Following Crowd : Students have a tendency to follow friends and colleague. They go to the same coaching for Engineering Drawing that their friends are going and then also they are not able to pass the paper because they have not taken a good decision and followed crowd. Practice at home and believe me don’t waste your time on coaching and you can pass, it’s a very simple paper. Simplest one that I faced in whole Engineering. Focus on How to Read not to visit coaching. Although coaching is also good if done from right place.

What to do get good grip in Engineering Drawing and How to Read?
1. Stick with one Equipment and master it : Always try to stick with only one equipment and master it in solving all the problems related on all the topics. Taking Example Like if you use Drafter than stick only to Drafter. Similarly if you prefer to practice with Roller scale than just use it and master it. I would suggest you to use Roller Scale and that too of small size or some times medium size scales are also good. When you use more tool than its obvious that you will spend more time.

One of the Engineering Drawing tool that I hate is Drafter. Drafter is really good for Professionals but not good for students. And keep in mind that the semester lasts for 4-6 months, so in this time you certainly not being able to master it. A lot of time is consumed because we use it rarely and in the exam it takes more time in pressure. Although Drafter looks fancy and catchy other attention but it most of the time make you loose marks, avoid it if possible. Also remember if you always used Drafter than don’t avoid it because it becomes really simple when we know how to use it, but using it without practice is throwing an Axe on your own leg.

2. Practice : Practicing is very important for Engineering Drawing. Try to practice at least 1-2 questions in sheets daily or in 2 days but regularly. So when you do regular practice in 60-70 days you can solve about 100-110 questions and which is more than enough for your preparation. This also built your concept deep and base right, it certainly will help you in exam.

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