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How to Read Engineering Mathematics 2

Engineering Mathematics is a fear for every Engineering student because leaving some brilliant minds everyone struggle to get through Engineering subjects and one of those toughest subjects most of the students find is Engineering Mathematics 2. We are discussing How to Read Engineering Mathematics 2 in this article. Not to confuse M2 is Engineering Mathematics 2.

Why Engineering Mathematics Tough and How to Read Engineering Mathematics 2

This is subject is one of the toughest subjects I have faced and most of the Engineering Students face in Engineering. The problem is that it is actually a tough subject. Engineering Mathematics 2 is tough because more like it’s a mix of English and Physics.

Engineering Mathematics 2 is one of the subject that most of the Engineering students have a fear of this subject. The failing percentage of this subject is very high in the class. This subject is more like implementation of basic Mathematics with Physics and English. So, the preparation must also be done in the same way.

These are some of the key points that I am sharing so that you can score good in this subject and pass for sure, you need a better and stable strategy to know exactly How to Read Engineering Mathematics 2.

Leave all the subject fear and make sure you gather a good study material so that you can begin to start to study. Also its said that Good Beginning is half done.

1. Subject Fear : Students generally fail because of the fear from this subject. May be seniors, Teachers, Coaching tell them that this subject is very tough and this makes them fear from Engineering Mathematics 2. So, the first tip is never fear from this subject. This in-fact is a different subject but not too much different. Also keep in mind that its difficult for all students and its in syllabus for all the Students, this will give you some confidence. For this subject leave the fear aside and have some self-confidence.

2. Study Material : Never Read Standard material for this subject. I have seen people read from big books and fail in exams. You read by standard books for Physics, Chemistry etc. but don’t read at least this subject. After How to Read Engineering Mathematics 2

Where to Read ?
You can prefer syllabus first and get some notes from friends. Also you can do is make your own notes from teachers by attending classes at least for this subject. This is important because professors teach limited and only those things that are necessary for you to pass.
Also for all the university exams there are questions banks available and for this subject you should buy one. Actually this is key to pass to this subject. Never hesitate to buy thing what other will think just buy a good 20-30 Question book and master them first. By doing so you will always have some thing to attempt in the exam.

How to Read Engineering Mathematics 2, Just before and after Examination
1. Leave Questions : Sometimes the answers are really big and the derivations are really big to solve. What you can do is simply leave them as this will save time on other questions. Also keep in mind that you will never get more marks than 6-8 out of 10 so why waste too much time (This is only for the situation when you have less time), move on and give time to other questions first. Never show too much knowledge in solving whole question correctly.

2. Some Parts are Really Difficult : Some parts in Engineering Mathematics 2 are really difficult and only way to master them is to practice and practice needs time. We usually have less time for preparation for subjects in semester so leaving these topics will not do any harm. Leave topics that are hard to understand for you is the best way to leave. But keep in mind that this is for those who want to just pass in the M2 Exam not for those who want to top the class.

3. During Exam : Attempt all the question is papers as some times questions are wrong in university papers and let me assure you that in M2 they often gives wrong question because they wanted to raise their over all results never leave the questions at least put the Question number. If you attempted it and it’s a wrong question then you will surely get 10 Marks which will raise the bar for you. Some questions in my paper were also wrong and I attempted by them by mistake and got good marks. It also depends on luck. If its your day then you can get 70-80 Marks also form no where but if it’s not your day you will get not more than 35-40 Marks.

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