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How to Read Faster and Better

Every person should know How to Read Faster and Better, because the world is moving faster. To catch this speedy world and build synchronization, you need to be faster in everything you do, this imply on reading too. You should know How to Read Faster and Better, which will impact you in every work you do and every task you perform.

These are some of the points that will surely help you in increasing your Reading Speed :

1. Vocalization: Avoid reading aloud. When you were a small kid your elders must have taught you to read loud but it doesn’t apply now. Reading aloud takes you to vocalize words, which takes time. When you read words aloud you waste some time. You speak and then it’s heard by your ears and going to brain. But if you just see and let the signals goes directly to your brain, you save a lot of time. Also it’s known that light travels faster than sound, apply that concept here also in a different manner you will see a difference.

2. Read Blocks of words: You should try to read whole line at once or read a block of text. Reading blocks of words saves time and you will enjoy reading. Reading blocks of words increases your speed by doubling your reading speed. This method is really effective techniques in How to Read Faster and Better.

3. Do not Re-read: Don’t Re-read a word. This Re-read a word with time generates a habit in your brain not to understand properly at once. Avoid those words which you don’t understand and go ahead, you will get the meaning after reading some more content. Actually when you Re-read a word your synchronization with mind breaks and disturbs you.

4. Build Vocabulary: Try to build your vocabulary, when you know the meaning of words you will find reading way faster than you could imagine.

5. Place Hands on Words: This is old and traditional tip. You should place hands on words which reading. Look simple but effective, this tips helps to increase speed. At times this technique also saves your brain from diverting to the other point in the passage.

6. Motivate yourself: Always motivate yourself and never try to find conclusions of next word to come, this disturbs the whole reading. Always build a flow and get the meaning of what is written and not what have to draw conclusion.

These are some of the golden tips that will surely help you to increase your reading habits. Although, when it comes to Reading, there is no shortcut to success but above tips will surely help you to get at least 20-30% help. Overall It’s difficult to explain How to Read Faster and Better but with time and continuous practice you can achieve your ultimate goal of knowing the secret of How to Read Faster and Better.

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