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Resources for Increasing General Knowledge

Resources for Increasing General Knowledge is in context with the other article on ‘How to Read General Studies‘.We will discuss some of the important points that will be surely helpful to you while you wanted to increase General Knowledge.Apart from examinations GK is always remained important in various aspect.Weather to show your intelligence or weather to show your self having some qualities and knowledge that can make you apart form that rest of the world and which can make you stand apart in crowd.

Some Common Resources You can Pick For Increasing General Knowledge
1.Newspaper : Newspaper is very cheap and also full of knowledge.First thing is that you have to pick a good newspaper and read it.You can see our post on ‘How to Read Choose Newspaper’ and ‘How to Read Newspaper Effectively’.

2.TV/Radio : Never forget to watch at least one news daily.This will make you aware of the news around the world.Also you don’t have to make any efforts for this,all the efforts are made by news reader you just have to watch it.Also the quality of news they give is catchy and often stick to our mind and our mind remember catchy news.You can see programs that are showing 5 min 20 News or 10 min 100 news.

These almost covers whole day story and make you to Increasing General Knowledge to a greater extent.You can Listen to radio news as this keeps the things simple and give knowledge quickly.Radio News try to cover small details also so as to make you aware of all the facts and this will also help you.

3.Magazine : If Reading newspaper is not possible for you you can buy Magazine.As Magazines comes weekly and monthly basic you can get the coverage of fully month.You can see our post on ‘How to Choose Right Magazine for Competitive Exams’.

Some Books Type Resources You can Pick For Increasing General Knowledge
You can pick up books that are written General Knowledge.They are really cheap books but if you have enough money than you can go with buying big books also.I prefer to buy Arihant Publication books that which cost about Rs 25 – 50 in India and its having almost all the information.I usually go through whole of these small pocket books and which certainly helps in Increasing General Knowledge.

Some Ways You can do to Increasing General Knowledge
1.Take the Pocket books and always go through it when you get time like in bus while travelling,College Free time.

2.Also when you are with friends you can ask you friends questions that will always be like a Game Show and helps in Increasing General Knowledge.

3.While going for morning walk you can take small pocket book and read in park for about 15-30 minutes but daily this can cover whole book in fun way in very less time Increasing General Knowledge.

These are some of the ways that will certainly help you in Increasing General Knowledge but the best one method of Increasing General Knowledge is to Keep yourself updates and discuss things with other this help to keep the things clear.Also this keep to remember things and helps to Increasing General Knowledge.

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