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Some Google Services that you must know

Some Google services with all uses.This will make you aware of all the Google services and products like Google Map,Google G mail etc

Let’s get some information about Google services so that we can use these Google Services efficiently.You often are not aware of most of the services and also not using these Google Services services.Weather its android or Mail Google Services are always ahead and top class and maintaining quality is the key fact why they are considered internet giants.Here we are presenting the whole insite of the Google services and why its being considered to be the best on among all the services you get on Internet.

Why Google Services ?
1.Reliability and Security: Google Services are one of most Secure and Reliable service on Internet World. When you are with Google Services you can rely blindly on Google.

2.One Pass :This is one of the best features of Google Services that all the services under Google uses only one password.The one pass feature activates all the services under Google with single password.

3.Many services : Google Services offer many Services and almost every thing you need with an Internet connection.You cannot imagine world without Google Services now.

These are some of the key Google Services that we have listed in order to make you aware of all of them in short :

1. Google Search Engine
Here you can search in Google website and blog and can do many more, here is the result of most blogs and websites. Any computer or internet problem, here you can also search by typing, somewhere here you will definitely find the answer.

2. Google Plus
This is one of Google’s social networking service in Google Services category. Use these to be the highest since Facebook is becoming a social networking service. Here you photos, video, and website links to your blog posts and you can share them. Much traffic you will get from here. This is the best service for dissemination. Many bloggers are taking advantage of that too.

3. Google Maps
Google, the service is quite helpful in finding the location of a place. Here you can find the location of any place. Many people are taking advantage of this service.Google Map is also one of the Google Services.

4. Google Play
Google’s Play store is one of the Google Services that come into existence after Android. Here you will find more than one application, games and mobile games. New and old will find all the games here. You can buy and download, and can also play online.

5. Google You Tube
Before joining Google, also known as YouTube is a video search engine was still reigning. The first had to create a separate account for YouTube, but now G mail account was only enough for YouTube.

6. Google News
Google has its own news service, Google call it as Google service for News. Here you can read newspapers produced by Google.

7. Google G mail
Google’s G mail service is much more popular. Here you can create your G mail account, that account and all your Google services is considerable. G-mail account, the service is free to be the most Ug, Ug are many people around the world. Here you can find emails and can send emails. Also audio video chat in G mail you can.

8. Google Drive
It is a service which allows you to Google the thickest files from the Internet can send email, from one place. This is a free service, it is enough to G mail account. Here you can upload your content and send it by email.Also this Google Services is a bit different and is mainly like Dropbox.Also This Google Service provides now 15GB of storage.This is one of best Google Services these days.

9. Google Calendar
The Google Calendar service, which comes handy calendar and do not have to tell. Here you can add your event too.This is one of the Google Services that is not used by many.

10. Google Blogger
Google Google blogger is a free blog service. You can create a blog for free via your G mail account. Writing on his favorite subject, and he can deliver to the world audience. There is no charge. You can start your blog in any language. This service to create your own free blog post before I’m missed. If you are a good writer, poet or a topic you are good to take advantage of this service from Google over the world can bring their knowledge. Similarly, you can create your own free blog.This is in fact one of great Google Services.

Apart from these Google Services you can see our post on ‘Why People are Crazy for WordPress(coming next)‘.

So this is all about the Google Services that most of us don’t know.Almost all of these Google Services services are free.

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