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Why People are Crazy for WordPress

You Know Word Press is becoming so much important these days that people have a craze of having a website with WordPress installed on it.

What is WordPress ?
WordPress is a platform which is basically provided as a blogging platform.You can also use Blogger,Tumbler, etc but I recommend using WordPress as it really great.Weather its SEO,Customization,Themes,Plugins WordPress is always ahead than other.

Why WordPress ?
These are some of the points why people love to have platform as WordPress :

1.Installation: WordPress is a great Platform and it can be easily installed on any of the web hosting.Also many of good providers like the Host gator,Go Daddy Provide the 1-Click Installation of WordPress which is great for any one starting without having too much knowledge in hosting and all.

2.Money : WordPress is absolutely free so you don't have to buy anything but just download it and install it.Id you hosting provider doesnot provide it to your you can upload the files after download and your are good to go.It takes about 2-3 hours to setup.
You can download and install it from this link WordPress.Unlike Blogger you will get plenty of Widgets in here and great ones are free

3.Plugins : Plugin Support is great and people often get almost every app that they wanted for and get the apps i.e. commonly known as plugins.Also most of the plugin are available for free.

4.Customization : You can customize almost all the things in WordPress and that is great.You can make your website as it looks great to you.

5.Flexibility : WordPress provides a lot more flexibility to your site as people will often wanted to add Login,Register form,Contact form,its not possible in blogger but it can be very much popular on WordPress.

6.SEO : Apart from these points WordPress provides some great SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimizion and SEO friendly themes that can help you to top the Search Engines really soon.

So these are some of the point that will help you to decide 'Why People are Crazy for WordPress'.You can also download WordPress and make a free blog.

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